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       ABA Sydney elects 2016 executive members

     Hemanta Acharya

The Association of Bhutanese in Australia (ABA), Sydney, elected their new executive members on 23 January 2016. The election day began with bhajan-kirtan like any of the monthly gatherings led by our dedicated pandits 

A Bhutanese Community in Sydney Celebrated 7th Annual Day on 3rd of October 2015

              Goma Acharya

Bhutanese community in Sydney marks its 7th Annual day celebration with Education and Employment theme on the 3rd of October 2015. This grand event run with the help of very own volunteers from the community was a great success in celebrating unity, achievement and integration.


ABA Youth hosted Fundraising event for real cause, a night of dinner dance and music

     Jharna Chamlagai

Saturday August 15th marked an important day for the Association of Bhutanese in Australia Sydney (ABA) as our youth hosted a grand event, ABA Youth- Fundraise for real cause, a night of dinner dance and music took place without a hitch. The event was held to raise funds  for the Punya Foundation, in particular for the education of orphaned children as a result of the devastations of the Nepal Earthquake in April 2015. 

ABA Sydney Annual Day Celebration in the Park

Jharna Chamlagai

On the 12th of October, Blacktown Showgrounds was host to the Association of Bhutanese in Australia Sydney (ABA) as we once again celebrated the Annual Day, an event always full of fun and culture but this time with the added enjoyment of the sunny Australia outdoors! 

        OTHER NEWS

Australian Bhutanese Youth Festival Sydney 2014


The humanitarian settlement of Bhutanese refugees in Australia started in 2008 and there are now close to 5,000 people settled across the country including around 500 people in Sydney mostly living in Blacktown, Penrith and Campbelltown local government areas. The new arrivals have generally spent over 17 years in refugee camps in Nepal before being able to call Australia home.

Australian Bhutanese Youth Festival Concluded with a Grand Accomplishment.

  By Nanda Lal Bhandari

Bhutanese in Sydney rejoiced of their successful teamwork. The four day Australian Bhutanese Youth Festival in Sydney has been completed with a commendable success on 06 July 2014 

A SEVA - UWS Research on Bhutanese Seniors

SEVA–UWS Research on Bhutanese Seniors The newly emerging Bhutanese community within the greater Sydney region are pioneering an alternative approach to aged care that shifts the focus and responsibility for care of their elders to extended family networks and the Bhutanese community as a whole. SEVA International and the University of Western Sydney in a joint research venture documented the implementation of this community-focused program 



       भूटानी युवाबीच खेलकूदबारे वृहत छलफल

सिड्नीको बल्याकटाउनस्थित एम टि सि भवनमा गत शनिवार भूटानी युवावर्गबीच खेलकुदबारे वृहत छलफल भएको   स्थानीयस्तरमा खेलकुदका अधिकांश क्षेत्रमा भूटानी युवा सहभागिता जनाउने सन्देश दिन, युवागरूलाई खेलकुद प्रति जागरूक बनाउन  


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